Instagram for your business

Instagrm on ph for enewslBecause, as they say, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, images are a great way to promote your business and Instagram is the best way of doing that. Indeed, Instagram can be used to promote your business products and services whether a bakery, spare parts wholesaler, law practice or author – even more so if you’re an eTailer. Once posted to Instagram you can then share your images through Twitter and Facebook reaching even more viewers. But first let’s go back to what and how you should ‘gramming’.

Products and Services in Action

One great way to sell your business products and services is to show pictures of them in action. If you sell kids’ toys business, show your toys being used, if you have just published a book, encourage others to post images of it in their hands and homes. Create a hashtag so it makes it easy for you and others to find all these great shots of your products e.g., #mynewbook.

  • Product-oriented businesses: Show off your products with great images of them and  have your customers send in their own images. Imagine if you sold t-shirts, you’d essentially get free models to show off your designs!
  • Service-oriented businesses: Show your people in action. A plumber could show a repairman taking a selfie under someone’s sink, real estate agents could show new properties with links to their website for more images. Hair-dressers, could take great before and after photos of  hair styles, colors, treatments and extensions – let the Instagram audience know who the stylist is and the products that were used – then sell them on your site.

Links to Your Site and Store

Always be sure with each post that you have a link back to your business in your profile. Keep in mind that as people see your images, they need to be able to get in contact with you. That’s why you also want to use a hashtag with your post and link it to your site – and don’t limit yourself to one hashtag. For example, if you sell t-shirts, you might have #BestNewTees, #YourBusinessName, #GreatTeeSale. Just be sure that whatever hashtag you pick is unique to your business so you’re not giving away sales that can go to another store because the hashtag name isn’t unique.

Instagram for Branding

Consider promoting the top things your business represents. Are your products made locally? Are they all-natural or made with recyclable materials? Are you selling biscuits that are gluten-free? Use these key selling points in your image description and hashtags. Think of each photo you post on Instagram as its own ad and remember to keep your feed fresh and engaging.

You should also consider posting images that are of your site, store, workers, charitable work and other areas. Branding is about more than just your logo – it’s your company’s story and values. It’s important to think about your brand with each image. Starbucks doesn’t just have coffee in their ads, they have  beans, workers with smiling faces, factories, fields where beans are grown, etc. By giving a story to your images, it helps consumers identify with your products and services. Using Instagram for branding is a great way to promote your business – and it will have your customers promoting your business and sharing your images, too!

Be sure to check in with us next week when we’ll cover, Are My Customers Looking for a Three-Hour Delivery Service.